BN Loans inc.

     Real Clients Real Results

Success Story

BN Loans is a small mortgage brokerage specializing in bridge and commercial loans located in Orange County, CA. They came to us because they were having trouble driving conversions. They have tremendous reach with PPC and social channels, but couldn't pinpoint the right customers. Having hired four separate ad agencies in the course of one year, nobody could solve this issue for BN Loans until Volume Advertising came into the mix. After 60 days, we increased BN Loans conversions by 344%. In 2019, BN Loans had it's best year growing it's profits by 77.2%.

Here's How We Did It:

Data targeting using our own 270 million consumer flies with 430 data fields for Social channels and PPC
We placed our multi-patient Pixel on BN Loans website that allows us to "re-market" based off user activity
Selected the right targets to lower overall media investment.


  • Conversion increased by 344%
  • Cost per conversion dropped from $32.90  to $5.07
  • Total Ad spend decreased by 26%